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Vintage Wilton Baking Cake Pans - Assorted Options

Vintage Wilton Baking Cake Pans - Assorted Options

  • Vintage Wilton  Baking-Cake Pans.
  • Vintage Wilton  1990 Baking Halloween Ghost Boo Cake Pan #2105 - 9494.
  • Vintage Wilton  1977 Wilton Superman Batman #502-1212  DC Comics Super Hero.
  • Vintage Wilton 1972  Lucky Horse Shoe  #502-3258.
  • Vintage Wilton 2000 Barbie PrincessDreamtime Queen  #2105 - 8900 Mattel Inc. 
  • Vintage Wilton  2008 3D Dinosaur T-Rex Baby  #2105-1022. 
  • Vintage Wilton  1976 Donald Duck  Walt Disney #515-515.
  • Vintage Wilton 1983 Smurf  #502-4033. 
  • Vintage Wilton 1978 Wilton Ziggy  #502-7628.
  • Vintage Wilton 1981 Yosemite Sam Warner Brothers  #502-2908.
  • Vintage Wilton 1985 Dotty Dog Cheerleader Get Along Gang  # 2105-3975.
  • Vintage Wilton 1988 Dinosaur Stegasaurus  #2015-9409.
  • Vintage Wilton  2001 Soccer Ball #2105-2044.
  • Pre-owned in good, working condition, no rust, some wear/ light scratches visible  ( see pictures for more condition details). Hand wash warm water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Product Conditions:

    The majority of the items in our shop are vintage or antique, e.g., have been used. Vintage and antique items by their very nature have some wear, imperfections, and signs of age/time. This is what gives them their character, charm, and collectability. Please examine the photos carefully for any flaws that I may have missed in my description. My photos are considered part of the item’s description. Also, please feel free to message for more photos and or details.

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